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 Derik (Last name, still Unknown)

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Derik (Last name, still Unknown) Empty
PostSubject: Derik (Last name, still Unknown)   Derik (Last name, still Unknown) EmptySun Aug 23, 2015 12:13 pm

(Might Edit)

Name: Derik (Last name Unknown)

Gender: Male

Age: (In my fic he is, 36) But for Roleplays (He is 17, or 18+)

Bio: Derik is Human that somehow survived all the years that has passed by. He has an unknown past. He is skilled in CQC and shooting, his skills are military standards. When it comes to the ones he cares about, like his friends, he can be protective and will stop at nothing to make sure they're happy and safe. He also carries an M9 with him around.

He sticks to having a hood on so no attention is driven to him, because he is a human.
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Derik (Last name, still Unknown)
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