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 Invisible Ink ~ The Skilled of Various Skill

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Invisible Ink ~ The Skilled of Various Skill Empty
PostSubject: Invisible Ink ~ The Skilled of Various Skill   Invisible Ink ~ The Skilled of Various Skill EmptyTue Nov 24, 2015 10:03 am

Characters from the Precocious Painter will be listed here.

Invisible Ink

Celia Avers ~ The Market Gardener
Celia is an inkling with a completely unpredictable attitude and location. She's really good swimming unnoticed even without Ninja Squid. She is very fond of Special Saver and can get direct hits most of the time with her Luna Blaster, especially when she falls out of the sky on Blackbelly Skatepark, Moray Towers, and her favorite Bluefin Depot. Her birthday is 7/25/14101. Her level is 41. Whenever she isn't battling, she's probably gonna be watching anime. On her TV. That is 60 inches. In the living room. She's a really obsessed otaku, and when you face her, it's not that obvious. She's been friends with Ethel since she was a day old. She was really quick leveling up to Level 20, but B+ Ranked Battles got her pulled down. She went to JINCS together with Ethel as a kid, and when they graduated on 3/28/14115 they never knew about the future they would have. Celia secretly is Agent 3 of the Squidbeak Splatoon.

Ethel Swumpy ~ The Stealthy Three-Shot
You can't see her. She can jump out of anywhere, so if you get into her in any turf war with her, you BETTER cover up that lime ink! She's got slow reflexes and a narrow field of vision, but once she spots you - it's: 1. You get disrupted. 2. You get that 80.0 damage. And 3. One last tap and you're just a pile of lime ink. She has a lot of similarities with Celia, having the same aqua eyes, birthday, and love for anime and manga. She was born on 7/25/14101, just three hours after Celia. SHE IS NOT RELATED TO THE AVERS. Her level is 31 because of her tough experience with the Mk I. But now, that Bamboozler 14 Mk II will have her leveling up quicker than before. She's a bit annoying, so just greet Celia that "GG". Or BG. My point is DON'T TALK TO HER. She has no knowledge of the Great Zapfish incident on 8/6/14115 nor the fact that Celia is Agent 3.

Orbee Gaws ~ The Bored Buster
This guy is serious with his Kelp Splatterscope. The sight of his prediction line will splat you, so consider yourself lucky if you can splat him, let alone be ignored! He's a Level 49 and was born on 10/8/14099. He's a bitter, bitter man, but he holds deep feelings for Celia. Don't talk about family in front of this guy.

Hanz Chordal ~ The Professional Newbie
An inkling that looks new in plain sight. Level 1 gear with no slots? Krak-on Splat Roller? The Level 19 is not enough? Please, he could rack up 20 splats. In a Tower Control game. With the roller. And a Knockout. Within 3 minutes. He was born on 9/6/14101, which explains his hyper attitude.

Nanami Avers ~ The Precocious Painter
It's Celia's younger sister! She's a really hyperactive otaku like her big sis, and despite being born on only 6/22/14105 (which means she's only ten) she's got a sick strategy with her sister's Aerospray RG! You'll know it's her if you see mint green tentacles tied up in twintails on a relatively short girl. When she received a Splattershot Jr., signed by her sister, she had kept a promise that she will beat Celia in a 1-on-1 Turf War. She earned the early ability to transform into a humanoid like the rest of II, and has held a rivalry with Orbee, his own teammate. Until today, the two still hate each other, but have gotten along quite nicely.
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Invisible Ink ~ The Skilled of Various Skill
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