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 Jace: the high tech strategist

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Jace: the high tech strategist Empty
PostSubject: Jace: the high tech strategist   Jace: the high tech strategist EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 9:44 am

Name: Jace Pearson
Age: 19
Hair: red
Build: medium, but on the wiry side

Character traits: The first thing anybody will realize about him after meeting him is his forgetfulness. Anything that isn't in the forefront of his mind will be forgotten with ease. However he's incredibly loyal to his few friends and eager to prove himself. He was accepted into a secret school called Splat Academy a month after Agent 3's foray into Octarian territory to return the great zapfish. The school, run by Cap'n Cuttlefish and his three agents, is designed to train squids to be the most powerful splatters in Inkopolis, and that training is starting to show in him. His advanced movement contains battle parkour, he has deadly accuracy with his .52 Gal, and his strategy is second to none in the Academy (and to an extent, Inkopolis)

Armaments: Jace carries a .52 Gal as his primary weapon. Due to his own involvement in the Academy, he is also the proud owner of a battle suit made specifically for high defense against both water and enemy ink. This suit has several powers that make him a prime choice for a support role. First: it has a personalized echolocater in the back that can display a map and positions of all inklings and octarians nearby on the inside of the suit's helmet (the power only extends to those wearing the battle suits in my universe, but for the shared universe it's everybody), but this can't stay on for extended periods of time due to battery restrictions. This suit also houses an extra holster and specialized valve on the ink tank that allows Jace to switch his weapons at will, meaning he can take a secondary weapon into battle. This is mainly occupied by his Octobrush, which he uses as a close quarters counterpart. But he can pick up any weapons and use them with the valve so long as their ink is compatible.
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Jace: the high tech strategist
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