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 Splatoon Unleashed

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PostSubject: Splatoon Unleashed   Splatoon Unleashed EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 7:29 pm

Had an idea for a what-if scenario where Rem, Ix and the Squid Sisters were defeated during the events of Splat X. This new story follows a group of four barely surviving in an Octarian controlled Inkopolis, now called 'Octopolis'
Here are my notes on it so far

Splatoon Unleashed
Rem, Ix and the Squid Sisters killed
Octarians now rule Inkopolis
Main Characters: Sam Stream, Chip Light, Vegi Toh and Tela Thiah
Group of 4 always avoiding Octarian capture and trying to break Inkopolis free from Octarians.
Melee Fighter: Vegi
Support: Chip
Scout: Sam
Ranged Fighter: Tela

Vegi: Dark Brown/Black
Sam: White
Chip: Burgundy
Tela: Lavender

Vegi: Ruined set of Vegito's clothes, smashed Potara Earrings
Sam: White Anchor shirt, diamond necklace, long shorts and Rem's Punk Whites
Chip: Bandanna over his mouth, Armor Jacket, standard shorts and Black Seahorses
Tela: Squid Girl set (Minus hat)

Vegi: Born to fight, has incredible hand to hand combat skills.
Sam: Can run faster than most Inklings. Uses a Custom-made Octobrush.
Chip: Has incredible eyesight, able to pinpoint an opponent in pitch black. Uses an E-Liter 3K Scope.
Tela: Is able to utilise Mana.

Vegi is often more happy than the others, often toying with his foes for his own entertainment.
He was considered a freak by his family after his potential, and love, for fighting came out and was abandoned at an orphanage.
There, he met Tela and the two have been best friends ever since, despite their differences. He is the oldest of the group, at 17

Sam is cocky, often charging into battle with no plan or strategy. This can sometimes result in him nearly dying.
He met the other three a few weeks after Inkopolis was invaded and subsquently taken over, quickly forming a strong bond with them.
He doesn't like to talk of home, nor family.

Chip wears a bandana over his mouth because of most of his skin being ripped off and being unable to heal.
He is tied with Sam for being the youngest, at 15. His eyesight is ungodly when compared to most Inklings and can see everything and everyone if he focuses hard enough.
He has had his E-Liter for his whole life and is almost inseperable from it and suffering extreme stress or panic attacks if seperated from it for too long.
He isn't trusting of Inklings outside of his group, as his best friend and parents betrayed him for their own survival.

Tela is the most serious of the group, and the tallest. In the event someone makes a mistake, she uses these to her advantage with scolding them. She'll often pick on Vegi most, but immediatly apologises once everyone else has left.
Despite her appearance, underneath is a war-torn and scared girl, finding the most comfort in Vegi, having a small crush on him.
She was born with the ability to utulise Mana, a form of energy only supposed legendary Inklings have access to.
When alone with Vegi, they often go on for hours talking about their lives and what they'll do if they manage to free Inkopolis, but it often ends with her crying into his shoulder for comfort.
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Splatoon Unleashed
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