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 The power of music, Rem and Ix

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The power of music, Rem and Ix Empty
PostSubject: The power of music, Rem and Ix   The power of music, Rem and Ix EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 5:47 pm

Name: Rem

Age: 17 (Splat X) 18 (Lion's Wrath)

Birthday: March 14th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: The eldest child of Maria and the lone survivor of her original three eggs, she is regarded as one of, if not the strongest Inkling. Despite her cheerful appearance, making her mad is one of the biggest mistakes you'll ever make. Depending on what you do, she'll either throw you several meters, beat you within an inch of your life, fry you up, blow one of your limbs clean off or flat out kill you. In the fight against Octron, she absorbed the Solar Pillar's energy, gifting her the power to control flames, along with absorb almost all forms of fire. Deep down, she despises Ty. The reason for this is unknown.

She is a Giant Squid Inkling, so she is taller than most Inklings of her age, has several thousand incredibly long, thin tentacles, which look like human hair. However, these changes only show once she hits maturity, which she did while in the Bate Bros Universe.


Dragon's Scythe Wings
Rem creates sharp wings made of fire energy around her arms, able to cut through just about anything. She'll often attack rapidly when using them.

Solar Kamehameha (Different from Cell's Solar Kamehameha)
Basically an orange Kamehameha

Sun Bomb
Rem puts her hands above her, gathering fire energy from the Sun and forming it in a large orb above her. Useless when the Sun isn't visible.

I am fire...the light transformed
Often used when Rem's hands are already occupied/missing. She starts by saying "I am fire...the light transformed." before heating the air in front of her up to twice the temperature of the core of the sun. However, she can only use it when in her Unleashed Potential state.

Name: Ix

Age: 16 (Splat X) 17 (Lion's Wrath)

Birthday: February 12th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Bio: The youngest child of Maria, he is often very relaxed, only changing when things get serious. After meeting Marie for the first time, he quickly developed a crush on her, which eventually turned to him falling in love wth her. He admitted his feelings to her during the Sea Lion conflict, Marie admitting she was also in love with him. He's very protective of the people he cares for and will often blame himself if they get hurt. Like his older sister, he also an incredible anger. This takes the form of Shadow Ix, which was created during his depression. In this form, he has incredible strength, able to shatter through even the hardest materials with brute force. This can reach a stage further, known as Darkspine Ix. It is unknown how strong Darkspine is when compared to Rem's maximum power Rage Mode or Potential Unleashed form.

He is a Northern Shortfin Squid Inkling, so he has two semi-thin tentacles hanging just to the sides of his eyes, along with longer and sharper main tentacles. His ears are smaller than most Inklings, though this is only noticable if he is stood next to a regular Inkling. However, he is yet to hit maturity, so these changes are yet to show.



Shadow Flare
Ix charges up shadow energy at his palms, firing it in a deadly blast capable of destroying almost everything it comes into contact with.

Shadowflame Blast
Ix grabs his opponent, usually their mouth or chest and fires a huge mass of Shadowflame. It is one of the only flame attacks capable of hurting Rem.
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The power of music, Rem and Ix
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