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 Inklings: Hanako and Jericho

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Inklings: Hanako and Jericho Empty
PostSubject: Inklings: Hanako and Jericho   Inklings: Hanako and Jericho EmptyWed Sep 09, 2015 4:27 pm

Age: 14
Ink: Light-Pink
Notable features: Red bow on the back of her head, usually wears a smile.

Hanako is overly happy by default, and likes to spread it all over. She isn't very keen on fighting, but is reliable as a distraction and as a blaster user.

Inklings: Hanako and Jericho Hanako11

Age: 14
Ink: Green
Notable features: both large tentacles swept to the right side of his head. Band-aid on his right cheek.

Jericho is the kind that does not know how to "properly" express himself, which results in his crumbly behavior. He is in-tune with his Slosher, and is very quick to react.

Inklings: Hanako and Jericho Jerich10

The two of them like to single out two targets in one area in battle, and even more targets if they can. Hanako distracts the enemy group while Jericho sloshes them while they are distracted, and then the attention goes to him, then Hanako fires away. this creates a loop until the enemies are splattered
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Inklings: Hanako and Jericho
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