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 Inkling: Molly

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PostSubject: Inkling: Molly   Inkling: Molly EmptyThu Sep 03, 2015 7:59 pm

(Work in progress)

Name: Molly/Agent 4 (human name: Mollinda Walker)

Age: In my story she's 14 but for shared universe project she'll be 18+

Ink color: orange

Eye color: orange

Family: information won't be posted until story is complete, (obviously.)

Friends: Squil (a blue male Inkling) Ploosh (a green male Inkling) Inka (a dark purple female Inkling) Kelp (a lime green male Inkling whose real name is Kell) and Callie (otherwise known as Agent 1.)

Abilities: Molly has an ability that allows her to mimic other species but only once she has been able to aquire a sample of DNA from the species (blood or saliva being the easiest to get.) When Molly is on the verge of using her ability her eyes will briefly flash bright orange. When she first discovered this ability Molly had a hard time controlling it but eventually does learn how to control it. However when emotionally strained sometimes she'll lose control and change anyway (usually into a human since that's the species she's the most familiar with other than Inkling.) Only Orange Inklings have this ability which is why Octarians sought out and killed all the orange Inklings in Molly's universe, making her one of the last of the orange Inklings. (Yeah, yeah I know this is a big spoiler for my story but one of you already knew this information so...yeah.)

Origins of ability: The ability is one of the ancient abilities from the ancestors of the Inklings in order to help them survive the great changes that occurred on the planet after most the humans died out. For unknown reasons the orange Inklings were the only ones to retain this ability which many orange Inklings used as an advantage in the Great Turf War. The Octarians however found out about this ability and killed as many of the orange Inklings they could find, causing the color to become almost extinct. (Yeah I know I might be repeating myself a little here but I want to make certain this makes sense to you all.)

Extra: Molly's world is in a parallel dimension to the world of in which Ty and the other characters from the shared universe project reside in, which is why she is also Agent 4 of the new Squidbeak Splatoon. (There is also the possibility that Ty and Molly might actually be the same person in two different dimensions. Nobody is 100% certain of this though.)
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Inkling: Molly
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