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 Inkling: Ty

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Name: Ty

AKA: Agent 4, Beacon, Archangel

Age: 18

B-day: Sept. 11

Gender: Male

Bio: Ty is the son of Gem and Igneous Colorian. He had a brother, but even Ty forgot his name to time. His parents went off the radar a month after Ty's brother was killed. His current family is with his beloved wife, Vybe, and three Eggs of his own. Talented in many ways, he is a good person to be with and is considered wise by his peers. Hates most Octarians, but does not mind Octolings in the slightest. Even his best friend is a male Octoling named Futo. His Lab (Colorian Labs: Science and Engineering Center) is rivals with Squidata Corp.

His ability is called the Beacon. His hair glows, attracting souls. Any damage done to any being can be repaired if the corresponding pieces of the soul are still in existence. This ability had 3 stages: Beacon, Negative, and True Light.

He has had dreams where he meets another Inkling named Molly. He currently is trying to understand it.

Inkling: Ty 2015-010
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Inkling: Ty
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