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 Fighter from the Future, Leonidas

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Fighter from the Future, Leonidas Empty
PostSubject: Fighter from the Future, Leonidas   Fighter from the Future, Leonidas EmptySun Aug 23, 2015 3:58 pm

Name: Leonidas

Race: Inkling

Age: 15 (Youngest fighter in Splat X)

Bio: Coming from a post apocalyptic future, he and his cousin Jazz created a time machine to travel back to Rem and Ix's time to fight a threat that could leave their time in the same condition as theirs. He is able to achieve a state in which his hair turns gold and he gains increased strength and shoots twice as fast as he normally could. He calls this from Super Leonida and is able to push it further to reach Super Leonidas 2. He has a thing for Hanako.


Red Drop
Leonidas holds his hand up, gathering a large amount of energy into a small orb above his hand. He then throws it at either his opponent, the floor or a wall, creating a large explosion. Other than the X100 Big Bang Kamehameha, it's his most powerful ranged attack.

Leonidas is capable of firing almost all forms of the Kamehameha, with the exceptions of Angry Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Perfect/Solar Kamehameha (The one that Cell used) and the varieties that requires other beam attacks, such as the Family Kamehameha for obvious reasons.

Rose Slash
Leonidas' most powerful melee attack, him and Hanako put their energy into Leonidas' sword, he then charges forward, a trail of cherry blossoms coming from his sword. He then slices through the opponent, cutting them clean in two.
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Fighter from the Future, Leonidas
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